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About Impact Mixed Martial Arts

Impact MMA has a long-standing history of bringing affordable martial arts training to the masses without compromising on quality since 2010. Led by local fighters and athletes who have consistently produced outstanding results in local, regional and international combat sport circuits at the amateur and professional level, Impact MMA is a no frills, no gimmicks combat sports gym with top-notch instruction by highly experienced coaches.

Our training and coaching philosophies are holistic in approach. Hence, we offer high level training programs in all key aspects of MMA. Besides technical training, the physical conditioning aspect in our classes is highly functional, often utilizing various technical skills to strengthen both your mind and body.

We believe that everybody has the potential to be a confident, resilient, and physically fit individual and martial artist. Regardless of your age and athletic background, you can count on us to bring the best out of you.

Group Class (75mins)

Partner work, interactive drills and physical training under the supervision of our seasoned instructors.

Our group programs are structured with a good mix of technical and physical training, making them our most valuable and bang for buck option.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/No-Gi: The Gentle Art

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu utilizes a series of grappling techniques such as takedowns, submission holds and chokes to control the opponent when the fight is taken to the ground. A strategic use of leverage often aids a smaller or weaker player to overcome the opponent’s strength and weight advantage, rendering BJJ an effective martial art for self-defense.
At Impact MMA, our highly decorated instructors offer both traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes as well as No-Gi Grappling, which is more commonly applied in MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts: The All-In-One

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an amalgamation of the most effective elements from other martial arts disciplines. From stand-up striking to ground fighting, MMA best prepares you for the unexpected, training your mind and body to stay calm and react accordingly when faced with physical pressures.
At Impact, our MMA program caters to both leisure and competitive learners. We guarantee you the best training atmosphere with patient guidance from our instructors so that you can pick up the sport safely!

Wrestling: Grind, Grit, Greatness

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Wrestling is one of the toughest combat sport to master, yet the most rewarding for students of all ages. It is widely acclaimed to strengthen the body, mind, and character due to its physically demanding nature. Wrestling involves taking your opponent down from a standing position, earning victories through points or ‘pin’.
At Impact MMA, the technical element of wrestling is emphasized to be one of the foundational building blocks in other disciplines such as BJJ, No-Gi Grappling, and MMA.

Boxing: The Sweet Science

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Boxing is one of the most classic combat styles, and its application forms an important basis in other disciplines with fist-fighting components, like MMA. Also known as "The Sweet Science", it is a highly technical discipline that requires as much brain as brawn.
From the everyday person looking to keep fit to competitors and fighters, our boxing classes are one-of-a-kind with top-notch coaching by highly qualified instructors. You will definitely see progress in your technical skills while feeling the burn!

Muay Thai: The Art of Eight Limbs

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A stand-up striking combat sport that combines the usage of fists, elbows, shins, knees, along with close range clinching techniques to dominate the opponent, Muay Thai is fast becoming a trendy combat sport for the everyday person to improve fitness through the sport's explosive nature.
Our Muay Thai classes are catered to all fitness and interest levels. Be it for recreation or competition, you will definitely get a kick out of our Muay Thai classes while leveling up your technical skills!

Group Classes
Private Training

We provide private 1-on-1 and small group training sessions available for those who want to learn the many disciplines we offer at their own comfortable pace and convenience.

Each session will be customized to your training goals with the undivided attention of the coach of your choosing! Regardless it be technical, physical, or a combination of both aspect, our highly skilled trainers will assist you in improving on the weaker areas of your skills and fitness!

For individuals who have never practiced martial arts before or who haven't worked out in a while, this is the ideal place to start!

A 30-minute lesson will cover the fundamental techniques needed to begin your martial arts path and gradually get your fitness back on track. Slow and steady wins the race; this session will boost your confidence in attaining your training goals!

A 45-minute session is more condensed and focused with little but adequate rest time in between.

This is ideal for those who are technically minded and want to improve several skills at once without experiencing brain overload. For those who enjoy working out, this program keeps you going steadily and is guaranteed to make you sweat!

This session offers the greatest value for your money. In a single hour-long session, you'll get technical practice (with or without sparring) and functional fitness training.

Highly recommended for all martial arts and fitness lovers who want to step up their training, as well as for one-on-one training sessions and small groups (capped at 4pax).

Privae Training
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