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Where are you located? How do I get here?

We are conveniently located at Race Course Road, with a variety of public transport travel options. The nearest MRT station is Farrer Park MRT, and we are just a 5-7minutes walk from Exit B.


I have no prior experience but I am interested in signing up for a class. How do I start?

Our classes are catered to students of all levels and interest level. So it's okay if you are a complete beginner! Should you have any doubts if the program is suitable for you, you can sign up for our Trial Classes to have a small taster of how our classes are run.

You can sign up via the Vibefam app.

Download the app on your mobile phone, search for "Impact Mixed Martial Arts", and you may book your Trial Class according to our schedule!
Please note that all Trial members are allowed a maximum of 2 Trial Classes of different disciplines, and both classes are to be completed within the same week.


I am under the age of 18. Can I still join the classes?

Yes, you can still participate in our classes!

However, please download and submit a printed and signed copy of the Parental Consent Form to our Front-Of-House before your first session.

Otherwise, due to safety reasons, you will not be permitted to sign up for a package or attend the classes.


Do you have shower facilities on site?

Yes, we have male and female showers available for you to wash up after training! However, do bring your own towels as we do not have a towel rental service. We have some toiletries available for public use but you may bring your own!


What do I have to prepare for my first class?

For Muay Thai, Boxing, & MMA, you will need your own pair of gloves for the classes. However, if you are coming for a Trial Class, we can loan a pair of rental gloves to you for the first session.

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you will need to have your own set of Gi. We have Gis for sale at the gym too.

We have gi's for rent at $10 but it is only for first time trial students. This option is available but not recommended due to the current covid situation.

Otherwise, do come for classes in comfortable sports attire! Shoes are not necessary for our classes.


What is the coach to student ratio like?

Our coach to student ratio is about 10 students per coach.


Are the classes safe? Will there be sparring involved?

While there is risk in any sporting activity, safety has always been our number one priority in our gym policy. As long as you comply with our gym rules and instructions given by the coaches, the training routine will be very safe. Serious injuries are almost non-existent in our gym as we have a very respectful and friendly training environment.

While you may occasional encounter very light technical sparring (also known as "touch sparring") in class as a technical application drill, light and full contact sparring are generally reserved for students at the intermediate/advanced level. Should you wish to attend the Intermediate level sparring session on Friday evenings, please approach our Head Coach to get the green light before attending.


How do I make my payment for the packages? Can I pay by instalments?

You can purchase the membership packages either via our booking platform Vibefam or on site at the gym. We accept Cash, Credit Card, and PayNow transactions.

Please note that there will be a one-time $56 membership fee on top of the package fee for first time sign ups only. All payments must also be paid upfront in full as we currently do not accept instalments.


What does membership fee mean?

The $56 membership fee is a one-time payment that allows you to use of the gym and its facilities freely outside of regular class timings, should you wish to do some self-training at your own time.

This fee is for lifetime membership.


Is there a way I can temporarily suspend my package?

Suspensions are allowed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are traveling overseas for more than 7 days, you will need to show your travel itinerary to our front-of-house before flying off so that we may extend your existing package accordingly for you.

If you are suffering from an injury or if you are feeling unwell, please also provide the doctor's memo and/or MC so that we may extend your existing package as well.


I am visiting Singapore for a short period of time and I would like to experience training at Impact MMA. Is there a suitable package for me?

If you are an overseas traveler and are planning to visit Singapore, we offer a special Visitor’s Pass package that allows unlimited attendance to all classes for one week! This package is priced at $115, and is offered to travelers on short-term stay in Singapore.

Please note the following Terms & Conditions:

*Singaporeans and Singapore PRs do not qualify for this package.

*To qualify, you must produce your passport along with proof of stay in Singapore not exceeding one month (e.g. flight itinerary).


What is your Class Booking and Cancellation Policy?

All classes are open for booking 4 days in advance via the Vibefam, and booking of classes operate on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are on the waitlist, please check your booking 1 day before class to confirm if you have been bumped into the class.

If you have booked the class but you are unable to attend, please cancel the booking as soon as you can. Late cancellation policy is 1 hour before class.

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